Shining the Light on Addiction

Shining the Light on Addiction

Today we are going to be discussing addiction, like we always do, but in a different light.  Addiction by nature is an avoidance of what is, and this avoidance loves to hide in the dark crevices on one’s life and psyche.  An addiction is an active way of avoiding reality, no matter what the severity of that addiction.  To heal an addiction, whether it be an alcohol or drug addiction, or some other minor addiction, like TV or video games, it is imperative to shine the light of consciousness on the addiction.  When the addiction can no longer hide, then there is no longer a need to resort to the addictive behavior anymore and the addict can be free of the bondage of whatever addiction plagued them.

Willingness is the Key to Unlock the Door

To be able to shine the light on any addiction, an addict must first be willing to look there.  If there is no willingness, then it is almost impossible to recover from an addiction.  When a person holds onto the belief that the addiction can work, then they will almost always return to the addiction for relief from their current life situation.  The tricky part about addictions, is that they do work to a certain extent.  They do not work long term, but they do provide great immediate, short-term relief.

The Definition of Easy

I once heard that the easiest thing to do is what is best for someone over the longest period of time.  If we take this into account, then using any addictive substance or activity is not the easiest thing to do, because over a long period of time it can wreak havoc on someone’s life.  The problem though, is that most addicts do not look at the long term consequences of their addictive behaviors.  A short term fix may provide immediate relief, but it still covers up what one is hiding from.  So do the easy thing, which is also the best thing for you over the course of your life.  Ask yourself next time you reach for that comfortable substance or activity, is this the best thing for me over the longest period of time? If its not, then know that you are making your life harder than it necessarily needs to be.

Do you want to make things harder?  If you don’t then this can be a critical turning point in your addictive lifestyle.  These moments of clarity are a great opportunity to see through the veil of the addiction.  They do not come around very often, so seize the opportunity if you get the chance.

These types of questions are great add injecting some consciousness and shining the light onto a very unconscious activity.  An addiction can not live in the light of consciousness.  They feed on unconsciousness, so the best way to shed an addictive behavior is through conscious building activities.  Some of these inculde mindful walking, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and any other activity where you slow down and live in the moment.

Try This Out and See for Yourself

No one is able to overcome an addiction for someone else, so we recommend that you try some of these activities and see how they work for you.  You will probably find that they are a great way to drop into the present moment and out of the addictive cycle.  It does take some concerted effort, because an addiction is built up over years of numbing out.  Do not expect the addiction to be cured overnight, but do expect to lessen the force and pull of the addiction over you.  Soon you will see that the addictive force does not stand a chance in the light of consciousness.


About the Author:

Andrey Rossin is the founder and director of the Into Action Treatment center. His life's mission is to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. He has been on the other side of addiction and knows that recovery is always possible and is there to lend a helping hand to all those suffering with an addiction. Google Profile

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