Drug Rehab Florida: Mitchell B. Recovery Story

Drug Rehab Florida: Recovery is Possible

I am from Marlboro, N.J and had been fighting with drug addiction since I was 17 and am presently 38.

I chose a Florida treatment facility out of geographic proximity to where I was living. I had been to treatment in Arizona, NYC, N.J. and Los Angeles. Knowing that Florida, especially South Florida had some
of the best treatment centers, I decided to stay close to Miami where I was living in case I wanted to return to my old career and a supportnetwork would be close by.

After being a client at a South Florida treatment center, I am especially proactive for people coming to South Florida for treatment. There are a few positives that make Florida a top choice. The obvious being weather. Most people do not take into consideration the true affect weather has on us. Most people who are in their early stages of recovery have an imbalance of chemicals in their brain, and with seasonal mood disorder rarely being diagnosed or treated in a serious way, I know from first hand I am in a much healthier place and space in my life when I see the sun often. That, to me can help to contribute to a persons overall well being and one less thing they have to battle with. Example being: If I am a few days or weeks sober
from mild altering substances and I am in treatment in any north eastern or western facility, in the fall or winter, the gloomy and drab look in the sky, the grey and dreary feelings will have an impact on my emotional well being as well as my overall perception on life. That is a crucial time to see things in a positive light.

Having been thought the circuit of treatment centers, from numerous in Arizona and Los Angeles, NYC and St. Paul, I was inspired when I came to treatment in Florida. The treatment centers here seem to have a three part approach to alcoholism and addiction. Healing the mind, body and spirit. This, is the major difference to me. The treatment is a blend of holistic, medicinal and therapeutic. This is another reason why I believe Florida to earn the crown as the “mecca for recovery” as it has been called.

Drug Rehab Florida: “Light Years Ahead”

For me, Florida’s treatment centers are light years ahead. The saturation of facilities creates a model for treatment where one facility helps propel and raise another through break through and “the cutting edge” techniques and application.

For me, I went to a treatment center in Florida, out of closeness to my house in Miami, and after a divine intervention of sorts with A&E’s intervention. It was seen on TV, and the facility that was shown was in South Florida, and I was living here, and my family has a house here. So, they thought it would be best for me to go somewhere close to my house and theirs.

I could have pushed to go to a desert facility or a mountain facility in Colorado, but for me the beach and the sun was all I needed to stayhere. And I would be able to see family often.

Drug Rehab Florida: High Success Rate

I think that so many people come to Florida for treatment because it has the success rate to back up the business side. If something is failing, not many people flock to it. But the treatment centers in Florida keep growing and growing with some of the larger parent companies opening up satellite facilities here because of the success attached to Florida and treatment.

If I could look at my past, I would most definitely choose treatment in Florida and I would have not gone to St. Paul in the winter, or Arizona in the summer. I learned more in treatment here than I did anywheres else. And it is not just the treatment centers, but the community after the treatment. I have learned so much from living in a community where there are many people from all walks of life that are transplanted to Florida for the same reasons all with similar training and learning to live life without the use of mind altering substances. This, I have never experiences before.

Drug Rehab Florida: Life Gets Better

How has my life changed as a result of coming to treatment in Florida? I have a year round tan. But seriously, I have been able to be accountable, and taught to be responsible and employable to someone other than myself. I have become respected in my community.  I have gone from being someone who knew it all, to someone who know very little. My life, had I gone somewhere else, would possibly been the same but I know for sure that as a direct result of coming to treatment in Florida and having the options available to me before, during and after treatment I increased my chances to get sober AND stay sober exponentially.

Drug Rehab Florida: Good Advice

Advice for someone looking to go to treatment in Florida? That’s a good question. There are so many options, and so many availabilities.  One important factor I truly believe is not to shop for “it all”.  Your looking for a treatment center, not a vacation. The types of treatment offered such as EMDR, trauma resolution, family matters and sculpting, core issues, inner child work, perception adjustment….these are all types of different treatment, and I would look for a
center with as many of those types of these options available. Sports, pools and gyms help to get the body back on track by creating hormones and endorphins that have been depleted. Extra-curricular activities are important but so are the groups and treatments available. And then you have yoga, tai-chi, meditation, acupuncture, massage, sweat lodges…. In shopping around for treatment, look for the most amount of therapies available. And programs that these centers actually use and work. Not marketing ploys to draw you in. Actual therapies being utilized daily or weekly. It does no one any good if the masseuse only come once a month, or the pool is closed because of insurance reasons, or yoga does not happen because there
are no mats to lay on. Ask questions. This is about life and death so ask on the phone with the treatment admissions specialist. What do you offer, and when can the be expected to participate in those activities. And get their name to hold them accountable. If treatment centers are trying to teach accountability, they should provide the first example.

My answer to this is similar to the previous question with this attached. For a detox you need to have it be medically supervised.  This is a truth in the treatment world. There are only two medical detox’s in Palm Beach County. Both are fantastic. They take a very safe medical but very comfortable approach to detoxing a person off of drugs and/or alcohol. In regards to a halfway house, the one major question in three parts I would ask is, do you give urine analysis’s? And if so how often? and are they recorded and logged for review at a later date. Besides from that I would ask about any job search help available, transportation too and from meetings and do any therapists work with the facility that can be utilized if felt necessary. Other
than that, I think an overall approach is finding as many options available for the client are the most important things to keep in mind. Again, it is about mind, body and spirit.

Drug Rehab Florida: Start a New Life Today

My overall feelings on Florida treatment centers are very strong. I feel that the approach in Florida is one that is able to see around the curve. To find and utilize the newest and most effective approaches in the treatment field. This was the very first time that I was taught that just because I am feeling a certain way does not make it necessary to act on those very feelings. And it is the first time I had heard that it is not how life actually is, but it is my perception on it that matters. treatment in Florida has been amazing for me. I have been everywhere to all of the name brand facilities, and tried all of the newest of “cure” techniques from eating African roots in Mexico to having been one of the first test subjects for Buprenorphine while it was still in clinical trials. A 12 step based treatment program with attention on healing the mind, body and spirit is what worked for me. And from the people I see around me, it is working for them as well. No therapeutic communities or hard line
approaches. A well rounded and extremely thought out plan of action to show me that there is a solution to my drug problem

Mitchell B.


About the Author:

Andrey Rossin is the founder and director of the Into Action Treatment center. His life's mission is to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. He has been on the other side of addiction and knows that recovery is always possible and is there to lend a helping hand to all those suffering with an addiction. Google Profile

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