Drug Rehab Florida: Why Get Help?

Why Get Help in a Florida Drug Rehab?

Substance abuse and addiction is a serious, prevalent, and severe medical disease that can have disastrous results. If not appropriately treated, drugs/alcohol can tear families apart, cause strained relationships with friends, families, and employers, and be potentially fatal. The consequences for leaving an alcoholic or drug addict untreated can have drastic consequences in every aspect of his/her life. It is estimated that 1 in 7 Americans suffer from some form of substance abuse addiction or drug/ alcohol abuse. Therefore, it is essential that when friends, families, or individuals are searching for help with substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) they find a treatment center or drug/alcohol detoxification program that is tailored to their individual needs. After over 80 years of intensive and extensive research by some of the leading medical professionals and scientists across the United States Some of the causes or explanations for drug and alcohol addiction are as follows:

  • Genetics: Scientists and Doctors have spent years studying genes and the role they play in drug abuse and alcohol addiction. They have found that over 60 % of drug addicts or alcoholics have the disease of addiction in their families. Furthermore, having a family member (i.e. parents, siblings, grandparents) with the disease of drug/alcohol addiction greatly increases the individuals’ chances of also having substance abuse problems.
  • Early use of Drugs/Alcohol: It is found that the earlier a person begins the use of substances (drugs, alcohol, etc.) the higher propensity they possess of becoming a drug addict or alcoholic.
  • Childhood Trauma/ Psychological Issues: There are often a number of deep-rooted psychological issues or childhood events that can contribute greatly to whether an individual develops a substance abuse issue. Psychological disorders or challenges such as, but not limited to, bi-polar disorder, acute anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, and PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) all play a significant role in the life of a drug or alcohol user. Any childhood trauma, such as, but not limited to, abuse of any sort (physical, sexual, psychological, verbal, emotional), rape, death, etc. are found to significantly alter a child’s brain chemistry, thus making them far more susceptible to drug addiction or alcoholism. There are hundreds of Florida treatment centers and drug/alcohol detox facilities that deal with dual diagnosis, and help the individual to treat these psychological issues above, while also treating drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Co-occurring disorders/stress: Doctors have found that there is a strong correlation linking co-occurring mental disorders to substance abuse. They have also found that stress greatly increases the vulnerability of an individual to drugs and alcohol. A good treatment center or rehab will offer a wide range of therapies and/or activities to reduce and manage stress on a daily basis, and also assist the individual in how to manage their co-occurring disorder while remaining substance free.
  • Social Environment: An environment in which the individual is surrounded by drugs or alcohol (home life, school, work, etc.) also can increase the individuals chances of developing substance abuse issues.

There are countless other explanations as to why people abuse alcohol/drugs or develop substance abuse issues. While the reasoning behind the individuals drug and alcohol use can be useful in treatment, what is truly the most important for the individual and their family/friends, is that they get help, and get help NOW. The opportunity for a healthy, happy, and successful life is awaiting right around the corner. The person must surrender to their addiction, and find a Florida Rehab or Detoxification Center that will properly and successfully teach them how to live a long and fulfilling life free from the grasp of alcohol and drugs. There are 1000’s of Florida Treatment Centers that are awaiting to help treat your loved one, and help them heal on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level.


About the Author:

Andrey Rossin is the founder and director of the Into Action Treatment center. His life's mission is to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. He has been on the other side of addiction and knows that recovery is always possible and is there to lend a helping hand to all those suffering with an addiction. Google Profile

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