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Into Action Treatment -World Class Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center



Intro Action Treatment – Florida Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center:

  • Licensed and  accredited by the Florida Department Of Children & Family Services
  • Professionally Licensed Personnel and Support Staff
  • 45 days minimum stay to ensure the greatest chance of success
  • Extensive Alumni Outpatient program, to further assist you on the road to recovery
  • Financing programs available for all patients
  • Patient pick up services from the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale International Airports

alcohol and drug rehab

Core Areas of Focus at Into Action Treatment

  • 12 Step focused recovery model, which is time tested and helps people recover and stay recovered from drug and alcohol addictions.
  • Internal growth focus through professional therapy and other modalities:
    • Group & Individual Psychotherapy
    • Relapse Prevention & Intensive Outpatient Care
    • Dual-Diagnosis (Addiction and Other Psychological Issues) + Family Therapy to help the family system heal and grow

  • Holistically Focused Treatment (Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit)
    • Yoga + Meditation
    • Massage therapy
    • Hypnotherapy and massage therapy
    • Acupuncture and energy therapy
    • Community involvement and outreach programs
    • Art and music therapy
    • Diet and nutritional focused to heal the body as a whole
This whole body and spirit focus is the best approach for helping people overcome their issues with addiction.  We do not leave any piece un-turned during your stay at Into Action Treatment, which is one of the new premier Florida drug and alcohol rehabs. If you have any questions or concerns that we are not able to answer on the website, please feel free to contact us and we will answer your questions in a timely fashion.

Into Action Treatment: Specialized Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in South Florida

Struggling with drug addiction yourself, or know someone afflicted with this terrible dis-ease?  Our world class drug treatment center located in sunny South Florida can help you or them get their life back. We help addicts and alcoholics recover from the crippling disease of addiction. Struggling with addiction and not sure where to turn? Contact one of our counselors today and take action, the only thing that is proven to work and improve drug addiction is action, jump into action with Into Action Treatment.

well rounded treatment plan greatly improves ones chances of getting and staying sober. We offer supplemental activities and therapies to assist you on your path to a new life.  Some of these include trauma therapy, yoga & meditation, acupuncture, goup & individual therapy, massage therapy, exercise and physiotherapy, art therapy, hypnotherapy, psychodrama, and so much more. We feel that this is the best way to help someone transition into a new life off of the substances that they have become so chemically dependent upon.

Addiction can be overcome and you can live the life that has seemed a distant reality. The key is starting where you are at and taking the steps necessary to recover.  The first step on the road to recovery is getting off of the alcohol and drugs that are destroying you and set yourself up for long term success without chemicals.  We can help you in the process of getting clean and sober and living a healthy and productive life at our alcohol/drug rehab in Florida.  Give us a call and start your new life today.

Types of Addiction Treated at Into Action Treatment Center

  • Heroin Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Marijuana Addiction
  • Opiate Addiction
  • Morphine Addiction
  • Methadone Addiction
  • Heroine Addiction
  • Painkiller Addiction
  • Opium Addiction
  • Ecstasy Addiction
  • Ketamine Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction

At Into Action Treatment, we know that all addictions stem from the same root cause.  Going after the root cause allows us to treat every addiction on the left and more.  When you go after the root and core of a drug addiction, you are able to achieve much higher levels of success than other methods.

Most Drug Treatment Methods are a Temporary Fix

Since most rehab centers focus on the symptoms and do not get at the core, they are a temporary fix and an expensive one at that.  Into Action Treatment helps all types of addicts and alcoholics, even those who have been chronic relapsers.  If you know someone that has been struggling in addiction for many years, then consider Into Action Treatment, where we go at the core of all addictive issues.  The core issues are nearly the same, but vary from person to person.

Into Action Treatment of South Florida: Helping you Live a Drug Free Life

Every person is different when it comes to their addiction, but when you focus on the solution, we are able to create incredible results.  A successful client of ours is one that has learned how to manage life and do the things they have always wanted to.  Just because someone gets sober, does not mean they have to stop living.  We want to help get people back into life, not living on the sidelines of life.

24/7 Inpatient Florida Rehab – Into Action Treatment Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Into Action Treatment is a Florida drug treatment center that focuses on getting people recovered from addiction. Start your new life when you enter drug detox and treatment at our Florida location. Many drug addicts suffer for too long, because they do not know the way out of their plight.  At Into Action, we show you the tools you need to live a happy and drug free life, which is what every addict or alcoholic wants, but not many know the way out.  For anyone that is looking to get better and take on their life, we will be here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for those who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.  We are a state licensed in-patient Florida drug rehab and treatment center, providing world class care and most importantly recovery.  Into Action Treatment is a great place for anyone ready to take on their life and get serious about their recovery.  It does take work and commitment to your recovery, but you will be well on your way to a successful recovery when you check into a premier Florida drug rehab like Into Action.  We are a full service holistic drug rehab center, offering recovery services from detox to aftercare.

At Into Action Treatment, we take a different approach to drug and alcohol addiction than the average treatment center.  While we know how serious addiction is and that it needs to be treated, we know that it can be overcome.  We want everyone who is suffering with this affliction to realize that there is a way out and that way out is through action.  Action leads to recovery and while most other treatment centers are a nice refuge, they do little to address the issue at its core, which is the only way for one to truly recover.  If you have tried just everything to recover from addiction, and nothing has worked, then give us a call at (888) 929-4686 and we will be happy to discuss treatment options.

Do you know a loved one that has battled drug or alcohol addiction for too many years? We offer intervention services and can help get the addict or alcoholic in your family into treatment and onto the road to recovery.  Even if you have no place to turn to, we can help you weigh your options and get help for yourself or a loved one.  Drug addiction left untreated only gets worse, but there is a life beyond it that has proven to be truly remarkable.  Let us help you find that life, free of drugs, that is worth living today.

We accept insurance and offer financing plans.  We work with you and your current situation, because our main goal is to get people off of drugs and onto the path to recovery.  Consider us when you are looking for a Florida drug rehab and treatment center.

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